Devine Delights

Delicious Homemade Cupcakes

Delightful Flavors...$15/dozen

chocolate, almond, white, yellow, chocolate chip, red velvet

Deluxe Delightful Flavors...$18/dozen

lemon, Twinkie, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, carrot, margarita, anything filled

all include your choice of frosting:  chocolate fudge, vanilla or other flavored buttercream, cream cheese, chocolate peanut butter, and more!

cupcakes with mini cookie toppers $25 per dozen

Cupcake Cakes

1 dozen $25

2 dozen  $40

3 dozen  $55

***add $5 to each price for any Deluxe Delightful flavors

Fool them with cake!  It's the perfect accompaniment to your "Italian Dinner Night".


Coconut Snowball Cake

White cake layered with creamy coconut filling and a light, whipped frosting - 6 layers!


Cookie Cakes

Your choice of chocolate chip or sugar cookie with vanilla or chocolate buttercream



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